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GoMusic City Security Token Offering.

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Rewards program:

STO - Star I (Recompensa)

5 STO:VIP Silver Badge in Avatar Profile.

STO - Star II (Recompensa)

20 STO:Commemorative NFT + VIP Gold Badge on avatar profile.

STO - Star III (Reompensa)

50 STO: Free access to all PPV content and events in perpetuity + Commemorative NFT + Platinum VIP Badge on avatar profile.

Security Token Offering.

Investment model:

Profit participative load

Name of the Token:


Token Sale:

1,000 tokens: They are issued at a price of € 100 each.


Hard cap: €100.000
Soft cap: €15.000 




November 2nd, 2021 12:00 (UTC+0)


November 2nd, 2022 12:00 (UTC+0)


Fixed: 5% APY
Variable: 5% of the average sales of the last semester.

General information of the issuer.

Description of the issuer: GoLive Entertainment Holding Spain SL (hereinafter, GoMusic), with NIF B67446641, and registered office at Mogoda Street 1, Barcelona 08018, Spain.

Introduction to the GoMusic company: it is a company created in 2019. We are a young team, passionate about music, art and technology, born from the union of two companies with the sole and clear objective of building a new and better industry for all branches of art.

Our vision is focused on bringing artists closer to their fans in a unique environment that identifies them and allows them to express themselves. A place that inspires, not only the creativity of the artists, but also that of the fans or any other user so that, together, give life to a new experience on the digital plane.

Our team of professionals has more than 15 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry (record label, management, integral performance of concerts, etc.), as well as in the production of audiovisual content in 2D, 360º and VR. In the technological field, we have extensive training due to the development of various platforms and infrastructures (OTTs, mobile apps, ticketing systems, streaming in ultra-high definition (8K), UGC platforms, Big Data, VR App and AR, AI, etc.).

We are at the gates of the fourth technological revolution, and one step away from making a dream, a vision come true, and from being able to give the art world its place, the one it really deserves.

The Promoter.

The promoting company is GoLive Entertainment Holding Spain, a company incorporated on 08-01-2019, registered in the Mercantile Registry on 12-27-2019, in Volume 46958, Invoice 135, Inscription 1, Sheet 536443. Its specific purpose is to carry forward the promotion described here.

Management Team.

Hernán Portugal


Walter Semolič


Juan Cufre


Diego Balan


Matías Calzada


Token Economic Rights.

The maximum number of shares to be sold is 1,000 (one thousand) tokens, with a value per Token of 100 Euros. The investor assumes at all times the costs associated with the use and possession of wallets to store tokens.

Returns offered to the tokenist based on the number of registered users (*).

The economic rights of the tokenized participatory loan and represented by a token will be the following:

Return of the capital within a period of 12 months from the closing of the fundraising and a variable remuneration that will be based on the users registered in the platform at the end of the 12-month period as the following table is attached, with the issuer proposing three possible scenarios:

GoMusic City - Gráfico 01 (En)

(*) Registered User: a registered user is understood to be one who registers in the app and leaves their contact information by phone and email.

Graph of the Cash Flow generated during the period of 1 year and distribution to the token holder:

Gross distribution to the token holder based on the expected flows during the 12 months based on invested capital and based on the users captured.

GoMusic City - Gráfico 02 (En)

The City of Music In Xave World Metaverse.

GoMusic City immerses the user in an open virtual world in constant expansion and change, where they can explore new places, play, create, and interact in an extraordinary way in various spaces that will lead them to unique experiences, face to face with their favorite artists and musical styles.

The user is not only discovering a new city full of music, but is also part of what makes it great, through their own creations, experiences and interactions with other fans, or by attending incredible shows, concerts and festivals.

With its own decentralized economy under the cryptocurrency Xave Coin (XVC) – Xave World’s official currency that operates on blockchain technology – GoMusic City fans, users and artists will be able to access various traditional gamified experiences. From buying and selling official and collectible digital assets (NFTs) linked or not to music (avatars, spaces within cities, buildings, works of art, music, etc.), to the purchase of tickets to enjoy content on demand or to attend exclusive concerts and events that only happen in the city.

A Different Way Of Living, Feeling And Experiencing Music..

What's in GoMusic City?

GoMusic City proposes to gamify the traditional consumer aspects of music through endless entertainment opportunities, which, due to their metaverse nature, they increase, generating new unique experiences day after day. From new places to explore, through a constant intake of exclusive content to enjoy at the GoMusic Theater, as well as events and concerts at the legendary GoMusic Arena, to the opening of new official stores, sale of custom skins, new interactions among users, launching new music NFTs from artists around the world, and much more.

NFTs MarketPlace.

NFTs are an important part of GoMusic City, as they provide the opportunity to bring artists closer to their fans.

From within the same city, users will be able to acquire (buy and sell) an endless number of unique, original and collectible digital assets from their favorite artists. The token of a song, an EP, a complete album, a cover of a record release, video clip, frame, photo, manuscript of a song, or any digital art, skin, etc. To these collectibles are added the unique and innovative experiences that GoMusic City proposes (digital collectible cards, VR & AR experiences, VIP passes to physical and virtual shows within the GoMusic Arena, face-to-face and digital meet & greet, official physical merchandising and for your avatar, plaque / commemorative mention, exclusive access to listen to the next album release, etc.).

In addition, the NFTs are an economic opportunity, a new business unit for artists, so that they can continue and support their creative process.

In GoMusic City, there are not only NFTs of artists, but also a catalog of tokens corresponding to the city (buildings, tickets, keys, coins, monuments, etc.), which when acquired, the user obtains several associated benefits. From lifetime access to live events, through access to the entire GoMusic Theater content catalog, to exclusive VIP sectors within the city, and much more.


GoMusic City has a chain of theaters called “GoMusic Theater“, in which users can purchase their tickets to see and enjoy various shows by different established and emerging artists from around the world. From concerts and current musical works, to classics of all time. A great variety of content for all tastes.

With a vast catalog coming from the GoMusic OTT, GoMusic Theatre has from the beginning with a great variety on its billboards.
Just set your avatar and enjoy the best concerts.

Live Events.

Live concerts have their place in GoMusic City.

GoMusic Arena is GoMusic City’s innovative stadium, where in addition to watching and witnessing live broadcasts via streaming, fans can experience 100% exclusive concerts and events in 3D, being able to interact with artists and other fans.

Live a different experience from a live concert!


In addition to the NFTs market, GoMusic City has several stores where users can purchase products and services. Music or podcasts for your personal library, sking to customize your avatar, tickets to attend concerts, live events or to enjoy some premium content at GoMusic Theater. Also, spaces within the city such as buildings, VIP spaces, etc.


An excellent meeting point for users, for the community. Where in addition to interacting with each other, they can sometimes share moments with their favorite artists. From talks full of stories and anecdotes, to intimate and interactive concerts, all in a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Also, users will be able to find a lot of information about various artists, about the city, and about future events and opportunities.

GoMusic City Bar


Another great meeting point for the community, where, in addition to interacting with users, they can perform various tasks with prizes in XVC. Official currency with which they can purchase various digital products in the city’s stores, theaters and stadium.

The squeares that are part of GoMusic City are a tribute to various artists, musical genres and even prominent users (ambassadors).

Everything can happen in the GoMusic City squares, from spontaneous live broadcasts, exclusive events, and much more.

There Is Even More!

Within GoMusic City users will find a range of entertainment-based opportunities. They will be able to customize their avatar, join various communities such as Official Fans Clubs of various artists. Listen to different radio stations, buy, sell and exchange assets in the Trading Center, attend events, walk, socialize, interact, perform tasks and challenges with prizes in XVC, read the GoMusic City Journal and find out all the news, and much more.

GoMusic City is not only a proposal for users and fans, but it is also a great opportunity for businesses and companies. Being able to stand out and promote themselves through the Billboards distributed throughout the city, or, going one step further by creating their own building full of experiences.

What's Behind GoMusic City?

GoMusic - Logo

GoMusic is a multi-screen OTT platform for high definition video streaming of concerts, documentaries, interviews, live sessions, unpluggeds, 360 ° content, original content, both LIVE and VOD.

The platform offers a complete service, which includes mobile platform, web, smart tv, VR, multibitrate ultra high definition streaming (up to 8K), 5.1 audio, payment gateway and an exclusive catalog with more than 2,000 contents.

GoMusic has a number of internationally renowned content partners, such as Warner Music, Sony Music, and Universal Music, as well as independent labels and production companies. In this way, the platform has a rich catalog of musical genres and sub-genres.

GoMusic is also presented as a comprehensive solution for show, content and broadcast producers, providing not only a high definition distribution tool, but also a creative monetization strategy. This new technology further pushes the arrival of TV 3.0 and TV Everywhere, where the user chooses where, how and when to watch the content.

GoMusic Device

GoMusic currently operates in Latam (Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil), Europe (Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy) and Asia, through the following distribution partners: Movistar, Samsung, El Corte Inglés, Virgin Mobile, Huawei, Personal, Vivo, Entel, Zeasn, Pico Interactive and Foxxum.

GoMusic Whitepaper.

GoMusic City - WP

Rewards Program:

STO - Star I (Recompensa)

5 STO: VIP Silver Badge in Avatar Profile.

STO - Star II (Recompensa)

20 STO: Commemorative NFT + VIP Gold Badge on avatar profile.

STO - Star III (Reompensa)

50 STO: Free access to all PPV content and events in perpetuity + Commemorative NFT + Platinum VIP Badge on avatar profile.

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XAVE World (Product)

Welcome to Xave World, welcome to GoMusic City!
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